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Monitoring SaaS Redesign

Redesign of existing on premises monitoring application to a modern SaaS application.

I used early sketches to sell the concept of a redesign of on premises application. Restructured the navigation structure from top horizontal bar to a more extensible left navigation. Introduced the concept of a collapsible navigation to maximize viewing area. 

Generated a lot of excitement with the sketches and redesign was used for a new SaaS version of the on premises application instead.

SaaS application was launched with the redesigned look and feel. Users who had previously on premises application liked the new look and feel of the SaaS application very much.

A second round of redesign was kicked off in response to feedback to brighten the charting palette and align the SaaS application with other Cloud applications in the company's portfolio.

Both redesigns took WCAG compliance and color blind users into consideration.

A Design System was created to support the redesign and has created efficiencies in the UX process and enables the UX team to focus on novel challenges. 

Note: Art Direction and conceptual direction of the redesign by Richard Beauregard. Visual design execution by various designers.

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